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Who We Are

The Miller Center

A New Hope For Therapy

Ann Hull Kuster opened the doors of The Hull Institute in 2003. The Hull Institute is an outpatient counseling practice in Northeast Ohio specializing in the treatment of eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, and ARFID. We have become a leader in this highly specialized field.

We have maintained our excellent reputation by being responsive to our clients’ needs, offering appointments within 72 hours of their initial call. The Hull Institute has gone from Ann as a sole therapist to a team of 12 therapists and 3 dietitians.

As a team, we have stayed true to our mission to help people overcome unhealthy behaviors and achieve happier, more balanced lives. We have a special passion and expertise in working with people with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders such as substance misuse/abuse and other brain disorders: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma and personality disorders. We find that people rarely have only 1 issue. This is not just true of eating disorders. In this challenging world in which we live, brain disorders often manifest more frequently, more intensely and they can last longer.

As you can read on The Hull Institute website, we believe the disorders we treat are biologically based brain disorders, not that people just cannot get themselves together. The issues we treat in our therapy services at The Miller Center and The Hull Institute are so much more complicated and every person deserves guidance and support.

Hope and Healing

We are all about free-will and walking beside our clients, not telling them how to solve their own problems. We work as a team with our clients in supporting them to achieve their own goals, not someone else’s goals.

Your Miller Center therapist walks beside you in your journey toward feeling better.

At The Miller Center, we offer appointments within 72 hours of your initial call.  We will match you with the therapist most likely to fit well with you and the issues you want to work on.