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You survived 2020. Whew! And, the times they are a changin’! Still…

As things settle down a bit, do you need a fresh start? Have you grown weary of your current job or private practice? Is it time for a change? If so, read on…

The Miller Center is hiring the following clinicians:
● PhD/PsyD
● Psychiatric CNP/CPA
● OT

We know clinicians just want to go to work, do the work they love and are good at, write a note then go home (or go anywhere other than the home office!).  Clinicians want comfort, ease of work, nice offices, set our own schedules, and of course, we want to get paid quickly and with minimal effort on our part.

At The Miller Center, we provide all that!  AND we work diligently to take care of all the things clinicians don’t want to do.  We are staying on top of all the changes coming down the pike.  And they are coming…  We expect new and stricter oversight by insurance companies.  We are prepared for their case reviews and requests for evidence-based practices. Furthermore, we already have an EHR for when that is required by law. We have all HIPPPA requirements in place. We have several telehealth platforms we use. Not only that, but we have a patient portal for clients to complete intake forms, communicate via HIPPA compliant email and pay their bills. We will get your credentialed on the panels who want to be on.

Speaking of billing… What a nightmare it can be. At The Miller Center we work closely with our billing specialists at Advanced Healthcare Management Associates. AHMA is located in the same building as our Rocky River office, so we just pop in or call whenever there is a question. AHMA has been doing mental health billing for over 20 years and The Hull Institute has been working with them for 2 years. We just love them. Not only is their team responsive and thorough, they collect quickly and follow up when insurance or client payments fall behind. Because systems are in place, clinicians really CAN come in, do what they love, then go home.

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