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The Miller Center, A Division of The Hull Institute, LLC

This is a time of great need for behavioral health services. Sadly, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. The pandemic has left people raw, afraid, grieving, sad, and lonely. As we have reduced the stigma around asking for help (which is a good thing!), we also find more and more people searching for support and treatment and not being able to find it. When this pandemic is over, those hanging on by a thread and functioning in crisis mode for months and months may find that they are near collapse and they, too, will seek counseling. Our new challenge: there is often no place for hurting people to go to get the help they want and deserve in a timely manner.

We opened The Miller Center in 2020 to meet the needs of residents of Ohio who want counseling with a top-notch therapist, quickly and easily. When a person finally reaches out for help, they need an appointment immediately not in a month or two. They need access to expert help RIGHT NOW. The Miller Center is here to provide outpatient counseling for any condition(s).

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Why The Miller Center?

Hull is the maiden name of our founder, Ann Hull Kuster. Miller is the maiden name of Ann’s mother, Joan, who passed away in 2020. Family is so important! Ann wanted to honor her parents and her heritage by naming her companies after them. All our therapists know the importance of and impact of families. Whether our clients currently have family, a non-traditional family, friends as family, a dysfunctional family, have lost family, or are truly alone, connection is the key to feeling better and creating the life one wants. We are here to aid you in your journey! As a division of The Hull Institute, The Miller Center uses all the systems and relationships we already have in place with insurance companies and others to provide the quickest access to treatment and ease of billing.

This year we have gotten more and more requests for help for all sorts of issues: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addictions, grief, trauma, you name it, we hear from people who are suffering with it. We are here to help!

We Are Here To Help

Who & What We Treat

We developed The Miller Center as a generalist practice providing outpatient therapy to any Ohio resident. Our therapists have specialized training to address the unique needs of individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

We treat: children, adolescents, adults, aging adults, ALL GENDERS, ALL COLORS, RELIGIONS, BACKGROUNDS

Our therapists have expertise in treating the following conditions: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, grief and loss, trauma and PTSD, addictions of all kinds and more.

We offer day, evening and weekend hours

*Currently, the majority of our appointments are virtual. We have not taken this decision lightly. We certainly recognize that many clients and therapists prefer in-person appointments. So many of us have COVID-19 and Zoom fatigue and just want to connect face-to-face. AND right now, for everyone’s safety, we have chosen to do virtual appointments for as long as the experts recommend. After careful screening, we are willing to see some children and adolescents in the office.

Re-opening with 4 office locations: Rocky River, Beachwood, Strongsville, Fairlawn